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Honda Situation ‘Not Nice’ for Alonso After Montreal Heartbreak

Honda Situation ‘Not Nice’ for Alonso After Montreal Heartbreak


Just 2 laps from the chequered flag, Fernando Alonso’s McLaren Honda spluttered to a halt. The sight of the McLaren Honda breaking down has started to become a common sight this season. Frankly speaking, Fernando Alonso has had enough, he said that it was not nice to see the power unit fail every race when the McLaren Honda team is fighting for good results. Alonso was running on the edge of the Top 10 and was agonisingly close to delivering McLaren Honda’s first points when the car ground to a halt.

Honda later confirmed that an oil leak was responsible for Alonso failing to finish. This recent failure is yet another match to the already building flame that is the McLaren/Honda relationship. McLaren are unsure of whether they wish to continue their partnership with the Japanese manufacturer beyond 2017. “It’s hard for the guys in the team to lose that point,” Alonso said. “For me, it doesn’t change my life. After 16 years here, one point is… But for the guys here, it means something. They’ve been working so hard, day and night, preparing our car, preparing the strategy and taking care of every single detail. You want to do a good result for them even if it’s just one point. Frustrating.” Alonso had even issued an ultimatum that if the team did not return to winning ways by September, he would consider leaving the team. During the weekend, He did not rule out a full-time switch to IndyCAR racing. He had a hugely successful Indy debut last week, although in typical Honda style, it ended in an engine failure.

What the future holds for the former world champion? only time will tell.

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