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Honda are eyeing their first win of the season with Red Bull

Honda are eyeing their first win of the season with Red Bull

Honda and Red Bull, is this a magical alliance that is going to reverse the tide in its favour in 2019?

The above may seem like a perplexing query to some of us but believe it or not, the highly petulant engine that cried foul race after race actually got its first podium at Albert Park at Melbourne GP.

Now interestingly, when this pairing was announced to the motorsport world, there were a few reactions that didn’t necessarily seem very optimistic. Among the sufferers of the Honda engine, an utterly unreliable one at that was Fernando Alonso and his McLaren as seen in the past.

There was also little difficulty in understanding why someone like Daniel Ricciardo panicked the moment he got to know that his former team, Red Bull had decided to part ways with Renault and drive with Honda instead.

Then, the result in front of hundreds and thousands with Max Verstappen, his former teammate, grabbing a fighting P3 and in the process, passing Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari may surely have stunned Ricciardo. Moreover, one wonders, what the ‘Honey Badger’ may have thought about his former team- isn’t it?

Red Bull
Mr. Yamamoto is hopeful of Honda’s chances this year (Inside Racing)

Now, after having already clinched a podium, Honda are eyeing their first win of the season with Red Bull.

So while a lot about Formula 1 works of permutations and combinations, with results, definitely resting in the lap of the future, it ought to be said, that Honda cannot be easily discarded or sidelined where fighting for the podiums is concerned. Correct?

Speaking with measured optimism was the Motorsports director for Honda F1, Mr. Yamamoto who shared his team’s passionate goal this season.

He said, “Now we have a situation that we can try to express how Honda tries to win.

“We hope to make it come true, maybe by around the summer. Hopefully, we wish to.

“We have now a chance to show our philosophy towards winning.”

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