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It’s an honour to play with MS Dhoni : Imran Tahir

It’s an honour to play with MS Dhoni : Imran Tahir

Rising Pune Supergiant won their third match of the season against Sunrisers Hyderabad to help them climb the table to the fourth position. Batting first, Sunrisers scored 176 runs. With this kind of the total and recent form of Pune, most of the people hoped for a Hyderabad win. But after five failed innings, Dhoni started to reveal his old self to add a twist to the tale. Pune needed 56 runs in the last four overs and it was Dhoni’s magical inning of 61 runs off 34 balls which landed them a victory.

Imran Tahir and Dhoni during the match against SRH

Imran Tahir was thrilled with this victory and couldn’t stop praising Dhoni. He said,

“I don’t have words. He played very well and Dhoni is known for playing in this type of situations. It was unbelievable to watch from Tripathi first and then Dhoni. We are also excited that we will get to see Dhoni playing in similar fashion. It was a great knock,”.

When asked about how it feels to play with a player like Dhoni he said,

“It is absolutely an honour. What a humble and nice person he is and it’s been lovely to play with him. I try as much as things I can share with him because he has got a lot of experience. To be honest, I am loving every moment and I am sure it’s every cricketer’s dream to play with MS Dhoni. And it’s a great opportunity, thanks to IPL. I got into Pune and then play with him. It has been really going well with him. I hope it carries on.”

In most of the matches Tahir needs to bowl on the flat pitches and being a leg spinner, it’s difficult. When asked about this factor, he added,

“It is all about mind games. If pitch is not offering turn and still you are trying to legbreak and leaking runs, then you are actually going against your team plan or your own plan. In my view, you can only success by sticking to yours plans because if wicket is not allowing turn and still trying for legbreak, you will get hit as per my thinking. If legbreak is happening then definitely go for it. But I am also a bit lucky that I am a leg spinner because of variations and we have to use it quite intelligently. So, legbreak should be done only according to the conditions and plan.”

Rashid Khan (Source : Twitter)

He also talked about how spinners grow strong playing T20 matches where batsman need to deal with fours and sixes. He said,

“In my view, we are aware of the fact that people love watching sixes and fours. They have no idea what we have to go through. But since it is part of our job and the way T20 cricket has been designed, it benefits bowlers as they become more perfect. And as we all know that bats are thicker these days and because of those things, it is a good challenge for bowlers,”.

Tahir also hinted that he shared his bowling tips with Rashid Khan. He said,

“Nobody taught me on my bowling. I wouldn’t name any one, but there were many people whom I sought help but none did. But I like to share my knowledge till the time I am playing and contributing to the game by any means. Even now, I went to SRH’s dressing room to ask him, although he is currently bowling better than me. But then he also asked something from me, which I knew and shared with him. So I think, by sharing, you earn more.”


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