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Fortnite: Hop on Creative And Say Hello to AMD’s Upcoming GPU

Fortnite: Hop on Creative And Say Hello to AMD’s Upcoming GPU

Fortnite has proved itself to be a virtual platform apart from being a game on multiple occasions. AMD has recently the game as a platform to flaunt its new Radeon RX 6000 series Graphics card design. AMD has placed a huge model of the GPU in a Fortnite Creative map for players to check it out.

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To get a look at the huge model of the graphics card in the game, players will have to log on to Fortnite Creative and enter the following access code into the terminal: 8651-9841-1639. And voila! They will find a colossal model of the Radeon RX 6000 in front of them.

AMD introduces its next-gen GPU on Fortnite

This is quite an innovative move on AMD’s part. What better than to reveal an upcoming GPU in an actual game? The design shows that the RX 6000 is ready to deliver high-end gaming performances, with its triple-fan, giant shroud, and twin 8-pin power connectors.

However, that is all the information there is about the RDNA2 line of GPUs as of now. The company has been quite tight-lipped about their upcoming line of graphics cards. AMD is set to officially reveal the Radeon RX 6000 on their upcoming event on the 28th of October. So, it looks like they will be revealing the details after Nvidia launches their GPUs on the 17th of this month.

With AMD revealing the design of its upcoming GPU, a comparison between this one and the beasts Nvidia has in store becomes inevitable. Unlike AMD, Nvidia has already laid all its cards on the table. Not much is known about the RDNA 2 series in terms of price, build, and memory capacity. However, according to Verge, the upcoming GPUs in the series will have the same architecture as the ones in the upcoming next-gen consoles.

This year has turned out to be great for the world of gaming, with a huge roster of exciting games on the horizon and the launch of next-gen consoles, in addition to the introduction of a line of powerful GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.


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