Haas F1 driver, Romain Grosjean believes that F1 must focus on giving drivers better quality tyres in the future. The Frenchman termed it “one of the big problems” in Formula One at present.

This season, the drivers raced with soft tyres designed to degrade quickly. Tyres like these offer a variety of strategies for all teams to experiment with. Pirelli’s existing contract expires at the end of the 2019 season. The FIA have also confirmed that it will switch to 18-inch rims from 2021.

Grosjean hopes that F1 can make moves to improve the quality of tyres in the future. He added that he wishes to see a former supplier like Bridgestone or Michelin return to F1.

Romain Grosjean

“We don’t have much information about 2021. I read in the press that it was 18-inch tyres, and I truly hope that Bridgestone or Michelin come back,” Grosjean said.

“To me, one of the big problems with Formula 1 right now is tyres, for overtaking, or even being able to follow another car closely to make excitement. It’s just not possible. It’s a bit of a shame.

“I’ve read again on the internet this morning that the engine rules may not be changed. I don’t know. I would like to see more teams being able to fight for podiums and sometimes wins, like 2012 where we had seven winners in seven grands prix, that was amazing.

“It’s just great for the sport, great for the show, and great for people to watch it.”

The Frenchman would also like to see F1 re-introduce refuelling. He wants to create strategic variety and offer more of a chance for surprising results.

“I haven’t spoken about it with GPDA or whatever, but personally I would like to see it coming back,” Grosjean said.

“Then the strategy is a bit more open. At the moment it’s a bit dictated, you know how you’re going to react [to strategy]. When you run out of fuel, you run out of fuel.”


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