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Hope LeClerc ‘Kicks A**’ at Ferrari – Former Teammate

Hope LeClerc ‘Kicks A**’ at Ferrari – Former Teammate

IndyCar driver Marcus Ericsson hopes that his former Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team-mate Charles Leclerc will ‘kick some ass’ in his first year at Scuderia Ferrari.

The Monegasque driver impressed in his first season in Formula 1, attracting the eyes of Ferrari to sign him up for the 2019 season.

Leclerc will be partnered alongside four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel as they aim to end the reign of Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport and Lewis Hamilton.

Ericsson won’t be in F1 next year as Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Räikkönen will pilot the Swiss team next year. But Ericsson will make the switch to IndyCar next year, with hopes of a potential return to F1 in the near future.

Speaking to Crash.net, the Swedish driver says that he hopes Leclerc can perform really well at the Italian team, hoping to see him ‘kick some ass’ at the front of the field.

Marcus Ericsson

“I would be very interested to follow Charles at Ferrari,” Ericsson said.

“I think he can do really well, already next year. And of course if he does really well there it would reflect good on me, so let’s hope he kicks some ass over there!”

When asked if he reckons Leclerc will surprise Vettel in his first year at Ferarri, Ericsson replied with: “I think so.

“It will be interesting to follow but I’m pretty sure he will do really well.”

Leclerc is highly rated in the F1 paddock with a collection of drivers, including the likes of Lewis Hamilton praising him for his talent and speed behind a wheel of an F1 car. Leclerc managed to outscore and out-qualify his experienced Swedish team-mate in his first year in the sport.

Some drivers like Esteban Ocon believe that Leclerc could even make a push for a title in his first year with the Prancing Horse.

“I think Charles will fight for the title next year for sure. At least it won’t be a surprise to me,” said Ocon.

“I know he has a very good talent from day one. He’s one of the quickest guys out there, and I think he will show that next year, definitely.”

Charles LeClerc
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