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How Anthony Davis Might Pull ‘a Lebron ‘

How Anthony Davis Might Pull ‘a Lebron ‘

Some bitter-sweet news for all the New York Knicks fans out there, Anthony Davis might join the Knicks! Pretty sweet right? Here’s the bitter part: The Lakers star might opt to play for the Knicks for about two years and might even opt-out after just one season.

Yes, there’s a contract, no, it does not bind Davis to one team. Heres why:

According to some agents, Davis might pull ‘a LeBron’. LeBron James was the pioneer who originally signed the original “one-and-one deal” — a game-changing short-term commitment. That equals a two-year contract with an opt-out after the first season. Despite the risk, it allowed James flexibility, put pressure on his team to keep the roster up to standards and, done correctly, can draw in a higher max salary.  At the moment, there’s a lot of seasons left for the Hollywood script to go astray. James has turned 35 now. Last season, James broke down with a groin injury. Age may not just be a number here.


Anthony Davis Is Not the Only One Who Pulled ‘a Lebron’

Davis is not the only one to follow in James’ footsteps. 

Kawhi Leonards pulled a LeBron in 2019 when he signed a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. The team made it official on 10th July 2019.

The specifics of this contract allowed Leonard to be  eligible to earn up to $141 million over four years. However, with a player option in the third year it was  reported that his contract is for three years and $103 million. The structure of Leonard’s deal allowed him to have a lot of flexibility. 

Kevin Durant ( currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets), joined the Golden State Warriors in a one-and-one deal in 2016.The contract was for $30 million for next year and $31.5 million for the option year.The return of Durant, the winner of the preceeding two Finals MVP awards, ensured that the Hamptons Five — which includes Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala — were be in Warriors uniforms for another season.

Anthony Davis is now the impending free agent. The Knicks on the shortlist of teams to which he wanted to be traded last January. Davis is the one superstar who has been on record expressing a legitimate interest in playing in New York. Sources insist his influential agent, Rich Paul, would one day like to have a star client in New York. That seems like it might finally happen. However since the Lakers are in a pretty good spot at the moment. If they win their 17th championship, Davis might consider otherwise.

This kind of one-and-one contract allows the player to reap in maximum profits. It also keeps the team on its toes and ensures that a  player is not bound to it. This would definately be at Davis’ advantage, shoud he choose to go with the Knicks.

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