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How could the Warriors Lineup with Klay Thompson’s Injury Set to Keep him away for a Few Months?

How could the Warriors Lineup with Klay Thompson’s Injury Set to Keep him away for a Few Months?

Jarrett Jack #2, David Lee #10, Carl Landry #7, Klay Thompson #11, and Stephen Curry #30

In the game six of the 2018-19 NBA finals, Klay Thompson‘s injury has kept him out of the game for a while now. In July, he underwent a successful surgery to repair his torn ACL. He is expected to make a return, but the timeline is yet unknown. Despite the injury, Thompson agreed to a new five-year contract worth $190 million to remain with Golden State Warriors.

Ahead of the 2019-20 NBA season, the Warriors will have to do without their star point guard for at least a few months. Their point guard who has averaged over 20 points per game for five straight seasons. Include his defensive impact and Thompson is one of the most impactful players for Golden State over the last half a decade.

Klay Thompson’s injury:

The Warriors have also lost Kevin Durant, but they still have some good firepower in the likes of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and also the newly acquired D’Angello Russell. Coach Steve Kerr would be banking on these players to keep the Warriors near the top of their conference untill the Thompson’s return from injury.

Here is how the Warriors’ starting lineup could look like till full recovery Klay Thompson’s injury-

PG- Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Being regarded as one of the greatest shooters of all time, this is the time for him to prove his worth to anybody who thinks otherwise. He is already a three-time NBA champion, a two-time MVP and also a winner of a scoring title. A lot will rest on him in absence of Klay Thompson, who also, is not a bad shooter.

SG- D’Angello Russell

D'Angelo Russell
At just 22, D’Angelo Russell is already an NBA all-star

Traded in at the expense of Andre Igoudala ahead of the season, D’Angello Russell is coming after a breakout season with Brooklyn Nets. At just 22, Russell is already an NBA all-star and is regarded as one of most promising upcoming talents in the league. But the only thing Kerr will have to make sure is to accommodate him with the likes of Stephen Curry, which should not take much time given the quality of the players.

SF- Glenn Robinson

Glenn Robinson III
Glenn Robinson III

Glenn Robinson might not be a Klay Thompson in terms of shooting abilities, but he should be able to handle a few responsibilities under Steve Kerr untill the return of Thompson, which will naturally see him take over the position.

PF- Draymond Green

File photo of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant
Draymond Green(left) might have more offensive responsibilities in absence of Kevin Durant (Image source: Washington Post)

Draymond Green, who has proved his worth defensively in the warriors side, might have a little more of offensive duties now in absence of the the likes of Durant and Thompson. He’ll have to team up with Curry and Russell to create shooting opportunities.

C- Kevon Looney

Kevon Looney
Kevon Looney

Kevon Looney and Draymond Green have a good understanding and the duo have made a solid defensive partnership for the Warriors. He has also improved his offensive abilities in recent times.

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