How Daniel Ricciardo is Keeping Himself Fit For the F1 Season Ahead

By 2 months ago

The 2020 Formula 1 season is postponed amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.  Formula 1 responded to this and advanced its traditional summer break from August to March/April to free up weekends later in the year to reschedule postponed races. Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo is using the time off to keep in shape and spend time with his family.

This is because once normalcy is restored and racing resumes, drivers will be busy with frequent races. Hence, are using the quarantine to rest up for the rigorous upcoming season. The rescheduling of the summer break will almost certainly see 2 of the 3 weekends filled by races in The Netherlands and Spain. This means that come June, off time will be scarce and drivers know they have to make the best of what they got right now.

Daniel Ricciardo seems nonchalant

The Australian seems to be having fun on this impromptu break. He posted a video of himself driving a tractor without a concern in the world. Former British FI driver David Coulthard replied to the post saying, “Farmer Daniel workin’ the land.” The former McLaren and Red Bull driver added a hat emoji in an attempt to mirror the Australian’s look from the image.

In another image, he was seen spending time with his nephew. Daniel Ricciardo shared an Instagram story of an evening run whilst listening to music. He realizes the need to remain fit in this extended break ahead of what promises to be a grueling season. He seems nonchalant in all these posts, which conveys the attitude everyone should keep during these troubled times.

Lewis Hamilton went surfing last Saturday when the Australian GP qualifying was supposed to be on. Making the best of the situation is what Hamilton wrote in his tweet. That’s all everyone can do until racing resumes in June. This is subject to prevailing conditions. Nothing except for the cancelation of Australia and Monaco has been set in stone just yet.

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