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How Does the 2019 Formula One Championship Look Ahead of the Season Finale?

How Does the 2019 Formula One Championship Look Ahead of the Season Finale?

Earlier this year, Lewis Hamilton edged even closer to Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 titles. Teammate Valtteri Bottas also secured second in the 2019 Formula One Championship. However, the battle is on for 3rd place in the championship, between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

Driver’s Championship

The Red Bull driver is currently on 260 points, with Leclerc on 249, with quite a few points up for grabs. Charles Leclerc needs to win, and have Verstappen finish no higher than 5th to steal 3rd. Meanwhile, if Verstappen finishes anywhere ahead of Leclerc, he will secure third in the 2019 Formula One Championship. Finally, Sebastian Vettel in 5th, is comfortably ahead of his nearest championship rival.

Meanwhile, there is an even tighter battle a little further down the order, for 6th and 7th. Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz are locked in a fierce tussle, on 95 points each and both drivers coming into the final race on the back of a podium. So, the honour of ‘Best of the Rest’ will go to whichever of these two, will finish ahead.

Both of them are 11 points clear of Alexander Albon, who could pose a threat if he finishes in the top 4 and neither of them scores. Moving further down the order, Racing Point driver Sergio Perez is a mere 1 point ahead of Lando Norris and a further 3 points ahead of Kimi Raikkonen.

The final championship battle, rages between Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen, with one point separating the two.

Constructor’s Championship

In terms of the constructor’s title for the 2019 Formula One Championship, the top 4 are already decided. However, Renault and Toro Rosso are squabbling for 5th place on 91 and 83 points respectively. Further down the pack, 10 points are all that separates Racing Point and Alfa Romeo, on 67 and 57 point respectively. Haas F1 are completely out of the picture on 28 points, and barring a miracle or a race like Brazil or Germany, Williams will be stuck on one solitary point.

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