How Epic Games Could Make the Best Out of Fortnite Season 5

November 24, 2020 11:39 pm

Many believe Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 to be the best season of Chapter 2 so far. It also holds the spot of Top 5 Seasons of Fortnite, according to many players; however, this leads to a rise in expectations among players, especially with Season 5 being right around the corner.

Despite being the best season of Chapter 2 so far, here are some changes that Epic Games can do to make Season 5 better than the current season.

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  • Fortnite Might Offer Additional Hot Drops:

The biggest mistake by Epic Games in the current season was to provide the best loots in the game in just one place. In Season 4, Stark Industries had so much better loot as compared to other places. This made half of the players in the lobby land over the Stark Industries, thus affecting the game’s pace.

With the increase in the number of POIs in Fortnite, players will definitely have more areas to discover. As a result, famous drops like Stark Industries and Holly Hedges will not be overly contested.

  • Christmas And Winter Theme Skin:

Season 5 releases on December 3. And with Christmas being right around the corner, a lot of players are expecting Epic Games to surprise players with a great Christmas theme. Players are anticipating the addition of Mythic Skins related to Christmas. However, Epic Games is surely planning something bigger for its community.

  • Map Changes:

Instead of removing Stark Industries from the map, Epic Games should try to bring some old places from the previous map. Galactus will soon be making his appearance, and the subsequent event will probably see the map change quite a bit. To make veterans feel nostalgic, the developers might bring back some classic features from season 1.

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For more information regarding SypherPK wishlist for Season 5, watch the video down below:

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