How Fast Is the Xbox Series X in Comparison To the One X?

September 28, 2020 10:38 pm

Xbox Series X hands-on reviews are finally here and they bringing in some interesting results. With the official release dates of all the next-gen consoles approaching, such reviews are going to play a very important role in helping fans to make a choice.

The hands-on reviews are mainly focusing on the latest Quick Resume in the Xbox console, the general design, and most importantly, the loading times of high-end games in the new console. Of course, the next-gen results are compared with the current-gen.

Reviews on Xbox Series X’s loading time and storage

The Verge, CNET, Venturebeat, IGN, and GameSpot have released their reviews for the Xbox Series X. The size of the Series X is notably larger than that of the Series S. It may not fit into the standard spaces that people assign for their gaming consoles. However, the major highlight is the loading time.

CNET and GameSpot loaded some oldies such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy XV, Control and The Outer Worlds. Except for Red Dead Redemption 2, all the games loaded under 20 seconds on the Xbox Series X. Even Red Dead Redemption 2 loaded in 38 seconds, which is significantly less than the 2 minutes it takes on the One X.

Here is the list of games via CNET/ GameSpot:

The Verge has a better list when it comes to testing the loading times. They added games like CoD: Warzone, Destiny 2, No Man’s Sky, and Warframe. Even in these high-end games, the average time for each game was under 30 seconds. The games which take more than that are still taking 50% less time as compared to the Xbox One X.

When it comes to storage, IGN clarified that the one terabyte storage in the Series X is only usable up to 802 GB. The rest is used up by the operating system and the system files. With game sizes increasing with every new AAA release, this may become a matter of concern for some.

These results are surely good and will get better when the games are specifically optimized for the next-gen console. The next big thing to look forward to will be loading times for the PS5.

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