“How Is That a Bubble”: Novak Djokovic Slams Coronavirus Protocols Causing Confusion at US Open 2020

September 5, 2020 9:29 am

The US Open 2020 was left in dire straits on Friday after the match between Adrian Mannarino and Alexander Zverev was delayed by almost three hours. It was said that Mannarino was unhappy with US Open officials and trying to reach an agreement over an issue. The officials were all trying to find a solution. World number one and current ATP Players’ Council President Novak Djokovic was also one of them.

Meanwhile, Djokovic also slammed the bubble protocols at the event. He hopes that everyone involved can learn from all the confusion.

You have the second hotel here where you have weddings happening and half of the hotel or more is open, how is that a bubble? It’s very complicated issue we’re discussing here. I hope we’ll all learn from this and be stronger, for players specifically,” the Serbian said.

Mannarino reveals what actually transpired

Adrian Mannarino

Meanwhile, Mannarino revealed what actually happened and caused his delay. Mannarino said that the State department of health took over the city and the decision was now in their hands.

He was allowed to play by rules of the city, but the State Department did not allow it. This is because he was one of the players who came in contact with Benoit Paire and was supposed to be strictly quarantined.

Mannarino finally got to play, but not before a lot of drama.

“I was communicating with his coach for a few hours and trying to help, speaking to the ATP,” Djokovic said of the issue. “I was also trying to get to the people that are in the highest positions in New York state. Trying to get to the governor of New York. Because I understood he was the only one who could revert the decision,” he added.

Novak Djokovic on inconsistency in rules and communication

Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic said that this decision was not even in control of the ATP and USTA. “In the end, I don’t know what happened apart from he could play which I was pleased to see. Unfortunately, it’s not in many cases up to ATP and USTA to make these decisions and make these calls,” Djokovic further added.
Djokovic further slammed the inconsistency in rules and communication from the organizers and those involved. “We knew that coming into the States, there was a high probability situations like this could occur. I’m not happy these kind of circumstances with the French players was managed,” Djokovic said.
“I’m not happy to see Dellien and Pella were in a very similar situation and had to be withdrawn from the tournament. Benoit was positive, we don’t even know if it was a false positive. There are quite a lot of false-positive tests in sport I’ve been hearing,” Djokovic went on to say.
Djokovic also said that his new players’ association is meant to tackle such issues and prevent them from occuring.
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