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How Lewis Hamilton Copes with Verstappen and Leclerc Challenge Will be Interesting: Christian Horner

How Lewis Hamilton Copes with Verstappen and Leclerc Challenge Will be Interesting: Christian Horner

RedBull Racing team principal  Christian Horner believes the best wheel to wheel action between the top 3 teams is yet to come. Horner is keen to see F1 champ Lewis Hamilton take on the likes of  Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

Christian Horner on Lewis Hamilton

Quoted by motorsport.com, Horner said, “Every now and again, you get a wave coming along and I think we’ve got that at the moment.”

2019 saw Lewis Hamilton claim a 6th World Championship. Lewis Hamilton successfully fended off threats from the young guns at RedBull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari. Hamilton,35, has mentioned on multiple occasions of having no intention of slowing down.

However, Hamilton has repeatedly thwarted retirement claims. A recent Instagram post suggested he was “going to compete on another level” come 2020.

Furthermore, 2020 will not see a major overhaul in regulations – resulting in teams using the same tire compounds as before. The stable regulations could prove to be a much-needed lifeline for teams hoping to end Mercedes’s domination. On a similar note, it could be argued that this gives Mercedes the upper hand.

Christian Horner believes the brewing rivalry between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc will only continue to grow. Fans witnessed a spectacular duel between the duo in Austria and Silverstone. Horner continued, “So I think especially exciting is the Max/Leclerc dynamic, how that’s going to play out over future years, how Lewis can still go toe to toe with those guys.”

Horner believes Hamilton would be keen to gauge himself against the younger generation. The contest between the emerging stars and the old guard will make for some exciting racing.

Can Redbull and Ferrari step up?

Lewis Hamilton prides himself on being a fighter who never gives up and savors challenges put before him. If Mercedes’ rivals catchup we could be treated to a colossal three-way fight for the ultimate crown in motorsports.

With winter testing just over a month away, it will be fascinating to see what Mercedes have in store for Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s challengers for 2020.  With Lewis Hamilton gunning for a 7th world championship, it will be interesting to see how Leclerc and Verstappen respond to the challenge. One thing remains certain, the next season promises to be breathtaking and March 15, cannot get here any sooner.

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