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How Many People Attended an F1 Race in 2019?

How Many People Attended an F1 Race in 2019?

Attending a Formula One race is guaranteed to burn holes in plenty of pockets. However, fans still love to flock to the race track to watch their favourite drivers duke it out on the circuit. The 2019 F1 season was no different, and according to the spectator attendance figures, it clearly showed.

Apparently, over four million fans thronged to watch a live F1 race over the course of 21 Grand Prix weekends. In fact, at the British Grand Prix alone, around 351,000+ fans turned up, making it the best-attended race of the season.

As per data submitted by race promoters to the F1 organisers, spectator attendance figures for the 2019 season went through the roof. Just like the 2018 season, more than four million spectators were present for at least one of the 21 Grands Prix.

Estimates revealed that there was a 1.75% increase compared to the previous season. In spite of the Japanese GP’s Saturday qualifying session being cancelled owing to Typhoon Hagibis, it hardly dented the attendance.

In addition to that, Formula One Paddock Club ticket holders increased to 80,118, which was an increase of 7,15% compared to 2018. The average attendance per race also witnessed a 1.85% increase to 202,146 spectators.

Aside from the British Grand Prix, two other races breached the 300,000+ spectator count. They were, the Mexican Grand Prix and the Australian Grand Prix, with 345,694 and 324,100, respectively.

Meanwhile, a total of eight Grands Prix drew in crowds of over 200,000. This included Singapore and USA with approximately 268,000 each, 251,864 attending the Belgian Grand Prix, approximately 230,000 spectators in Hungary and Austria with 203,000. The 90th edition of Italian Grand Prix also clocked in its highest-ever weekend attendance with 200,000 spectators.

When put into perspective with the 2018 season, there was a 14.69% increase in Montreal. Other venues include, Shanghai (+10.34%), Melbourne (+9.86%), Spielberg (+9.73%), Budapest (+9.52%) and Monza (+9.29%).

Race days witnessed an increase in overall attendance by 4%. Five tracks welcomed more than 100,000 spectators on the race day: Silverstone (141,000) once more topped this list, ahead of Mexico City (138,435), Austin (128,000), Singapore (115,240), Spa-Francorchamps (109,064) and Melbourne (102,000).

Six races (China, Austria, Belgium, Singapore, Japan and USA) posted a double-digit increment over the previous years. The most significant was the +30% registred at the Shanghai International Circuit on the day Formula 1 celebrated a historical milestone as the 1000th Grand Prix.

Sean Bratches, Managing Director, Commercial Operations, Formula 1 said: “2019 has been another great year for Formula 1 and we are delighted to see that over 4-million fans joined us at our 21 races, beating the attendance figures for last year, including a record-breaking Italian Grand Prix weekend attendance with 200,000 spectators.

“Our mission is to unleash the greatest racing spectacle on the planet and give our fans an experience they will never forget. We are therefore delighted to see that, based on research carried out on the ground, those attending events are enjoying their experience over a race weekend and we are determined to ensure they continue to feel that way.

“2019 has been an incredible season and we are already looking forward to next year when Hanoi and Zandvoort will join our 22 race calendar and when Formula 1 celebrates its 70th anniversary.”

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