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How Much are Lebron James, Steph Curry and Others Paid for the 2019-2020 NBA Season

How Much are Lebron James, Steph Curry and Others Paid for the 2019-2020 NBA Season

The 2019-2020 season has been paused due to the Coronavirus. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight and loads of employees are suffering. The NBA stars however take in the moolah and continue to do so despite the bleak scenario. They live lives of luxury and even use their vast wealth to help aid those who are fighting the pandemic. 

Take a look at the annual on-court earnings of some of the NBA stars


Stephen Curry ( $40.2 million)

Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry

Curry went from just another first-round draft pick to become one of the league’s top players. He won titles with the Golden State Warriors in 2015, 2017 and 2018. One half of ‘The Splash Bros’ signed a 5-year contract in 2017. The deal was worth $ 201.2 million. It sees Curry draw an annual salary of approximately $40.2 million. This makes the 32-year old one of the NBA’s highest earners from on-court activities. 

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LeBron James ($ 37.4 million)

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James

The 4 time MVP and 3 time NBA winner LeBron James joined Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. He inked a 4-year deal worth 153.3 million. The 36-year old who is in the twilight of his career is the league’s 7th highest on-court earner drawing an annual salary of $37.4 million from the Lakers.

Kevin Durant ($ 38.2 million)

Brooklyn Nets 

Kevin Durant

An NBA Finals MVP, Durant missed out on a three-peat last season. He suffered a torn Achilles tendon during the 2019 playoffs. He was subsequently ruled out of the entire 2019-2020 season. However, his reputation preceded him and he was able to get a $ 164.3 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets. He is the league’s fourth-highest on-court earner. But what makes his figures even more impressive is that he earned about $ 38.2 million without s single minute spent on the court this season. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($ 25.8 million)

Milwaukee Bucks 

Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks NBA rookie

The Greek Freak commands a $ 25.8 million annual salary from the Milwaukee Bucks. Spotrac says he is the 41st highest-paid player for the 2019-2020 season. It seems a pittance in comparison to the ones drawn by some of the other names in the league. However, he will be a free agent at the end of the next season. It will leave the 25-year old in a position to land a deal that will see him become one of the league’s best-paid players. 

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Kawhi Leonard ($ 32.7 million)

Los Angeles Clippers

The California native was one of the most sought after free agents at the end of last season. The 28-year old had a superb season with Toronto Raptors guiding the Canada based team to their first NBA title over the fancied Golden State Warriors. He eventually chose to sign a 3 year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. The deal is worth 103 million which means Leonard’s annual salary will be nearly $ 32.7 million.

Zion Williamson ($ 9.7 million)

New Orleans Pelicans

Zion Williamson

According to ESPN, Zion who was last year’s number one draft pick takes home an annual salary of $9.7 million. This is a huge number when one considers the Pelicans Power Forward is just a teenager who joined the NBA right after his freshman year. The nineteen-year-old recently said he would cover the salaries of all employees at the local Smoothie King Center as they have been unable to work due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Luka Doncic ($ 7.6 million)

Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic of Dallas Mavericks

The Slovenian international started his career at Real Madrid in the Liga ACB. He made a big move to the NBA in 2018. The Dallas Mavericks made him the 3rd pick of the first round. The Dallas Mavericks small forward impressed in his first season claiming the NBA rookie of the year for 2019. He played in the 2020 NBA all-star game and took home $ 7.6 million in just his second season in the United States. 

Kyrie Irving($ 31.7 million)

Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving NBA

Kyrie Irving joined his 3rd team in 4 seasons. He previously played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. The former NBA Champion signed a 4-year deal with the Nets in 2019 which sees him take home $ 31.7 million annually.

James Harden($ 37.8 million)

Houston Rockets

James Harden playing for Houston Rockets

The 30-year old completed a decade in the NBA in 2019 and is a former league MVP. The Houston Rockets shooting guard signed a 4-year extension in 2019 which will see him earn $ 37.8 million for the first season. The figure will rise to $46.8 million should he see out his entire deal. Harden is tied with Kevin Durant and Washington Wizards’ point guard John Wall at 3rd for highest on-court earners this season

Klay Thompson ( $ 32.7 million)

Golden State Warriors

NBA Klay Thompson

The other half of ‘The Splash Bros’ signed a 5-year maximum contract with Golden State Warriors. The deal sees Thompson earn $32.7 for the first season. Like his former teammate Durant, he too is injured and will earn the salary without having spent a single minute on the court in the season.

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