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How PlayStation 5 Can Counter Xbox Series X and S in the Console War

How PlayStation 5 Can Counter Xbox Series X and S in the Console War

Earlier today, Sony announced the date for an upcoming PlayStation 5 showcase event. According to their blog, the event will largely center around some of the next-gen titles coming to the PS5 at launch. Naturally, fans are also expecting some information on the price and release date for Sony’s next-gen console from the event.

The lure of the price and release date has led to a surge in the anticipation surrounding the much-awaited PlayStation 5 launch. With each passing day, the battle of the next-gen consoles is gaining more traction. Microsoft finally broke the deadlock by announcing the retail prices and release dates for the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles. Xbox has set sail for the next era in gaming, and fans are absolutely elated.

The Series S, which is Xbox’s smallest console ever, will come at a price of $299. Meanwhile, their most powerful console ever, the Series X, is priced at $499. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has managed to keep a tight lid on things so far.

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What would be a good price for the PlayStation 5 to counter Xbox Series X and S?

Courtesy of Gamereactor, there is some insight regarding this aspect. According to initial reports from their anonymous source, the PlayStation 5 would have had a relatively higher price compared to the Series X. However, newer reports suggest Sony has drastically altered the prices of both PlayStation 5 variants to counter the next-gen Xbox consoles.

If the reports hold true, Sony’s decision to lower the prices is indeed a well-calculated move. This generation’s console war is quite different from the yesteryears. Both consoles from the rival companies have hardware that is more powerful than ever. Apart from that, both the consoles and their variants will have an exciting lineup of exclusive launch titles that will revolutionize the next era in gaming.

The consoles and their respective creators have the same goal of pushing their boundaries to provide a never-seen-before gaming experience. In such a situation, it would make sense for Sony to reduce the price. Sources have told Gamereactor that Sony intends to price the digital variant of PlayStation 5 at $399 and the standard one at $499. Of course, all of this is still speculation at this point.

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Which PlayStation features could challenge the new Xbox consoles?

The Xbox Series X looks like the most powerful console of the lot on paper and will undoubtedly provide high performance. Considering this, the $499 price seems fair. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S had to trade some of its specs to provide the more affordable price of $299.

Meanwhile, the only major difference between the PlayStation 5 standard and digital variants is the disc drive. This obviously makes the PS5 Digital Edition a better console than the Xbox Series S as it features better hardware.

With two next-gen consoles having varying specs, Microsoft might have a harder time ensuring Xbox exclusive titles run smoothly on both. Although the Series X is built with powerful hardware, PlayStation exclusive titles might end up having better graphics since they are developed for better consoles overall.

Another important factor that plays a major role while picking between the two console powerhouses is the exclusive titles they have. In this domain, it seems PlayStation has the upper hand. PS5 boasts a strong lineup of exclusive next-gen titles that were revealed earlier.

Xbox has its own lineup of exclusive titles and Xbox Game Pass recently announced its partnership with EA Play. Moreover, the Xbox All Access program provides a feasible option for clients to purchase the Series X or S, without draining their wallets in one go. However, fans have been more inclined towards PlayStation’s lineup.

Microsoft has made its move and has set a course for the future with Xbox Series X and S. The console war is already in motion and the ball rests in Sony’s court now. Hopefully, fans will get some closure about the PlayStation 5 price, release date, and other relevant details during the PS5 showcase event on September 16.

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