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How Sylvain Bruneau Helped Bianca Andreescu to Make a Breakthrough in the 2019 Season?

How Sylvain Bruneau Helped Bianca Andreescu to Make a Breakthrough in the 2019 Season?

Bianca Andreescu became the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam title after defeating the 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams 6-3, 7-5 in the US Open 2019 finals.

Winning US Open title this year is the greatest milestone for Bianca Andreescu that her coach, Sylvain Bruneau had prepared given that she couldn’t even win the first round of the qualifiers last year.

Bianca Andreescu

Sylvain Bruneau and Bianca Andreescu began their coaching partnership in March 2018. Back then, the teenager was preparing to play a series of ITF 25K tournaments in Japan, and her ranking was around the top 200 on the WTA rankings.

The pair firstly decided to study the players competing at the men’s side and observe the distinction between them and the women’s players. Bruneau then incorporated some changes in Andreescu’s game and made her a complete player. However, a bad back forced her out of tour until November.

Bianca Andreescu

In spite of which Sylvain Bruneau was persistent on gearing her up for the next season, which came out to be her breakthrough year. It’s also known that Bianca Andreescu gets bored with repetitive drills during the training sessions and Bruneau had a tough challenge to make the practice sessions more fun and different for the Canadian star.

Bruneau also made a tactical change in her game during the 2019 season as the two studies her upcoming opponents thoroughly, which helps Andreescu to quickly adapt to her own game plan in the big matches. While her opponents have failed to figure out how to handle her so far.

Bianca Andreescu

Bianca Andreescu has not lost a single match against top 10 players. The teenager owns a stunning 8-0 record against the Top 10 with all of those victories achieved in the 2019 season.

She also has a 33-4 win-loss record in this season, which is the highest winning percentage of anyone on tour. Andreescu has also not lost in a completed match since February, this year. These statistics prove that Bruneau has certainly helped her to win the big matches.

“She knows how to control her thought process, and not let her thoughts wander too much, and get them back in the match. And breathing, of course. It’s very difficult to do, very easy to say it. To stay there, and keep doing what you do,” Bruneau said in an interview.

Under Sylvain Bruneau tutelage, the 19-year-old also reached a career-high ranking of number 5 in the world on the WTA rankings.

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