How to Ace your Landing in Fortnite Every Time ‘Using a Calculator’

November 23, 2020 6:12 pm

Just like any other game multiplayer game, Fortnite has an active competitive scene. Epic Games hosts tournaments like the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational frequently, and countless players around the world take part in it.

Owing to Fortnite’s huge user-base, the competition at such tournaments is severely intense. Participants need to master every aspect of the game, which requires a lot of practice.

As an aspiring competitive player, you might have to spend several hours on improving your gun-fights, building, and game sense, among other things. However, a calculator named ‘CoPilot‘ can make sure you land perfectly in every game to give you the perfect start.

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A Reddit post on r/FortniteCompetitive talked about CoPilot and its advantages:

CoPilot accurately depicts the island’s map for Chapter 2, Season 4, and you need to follow this procedure to hit the perfect landing:

  • Mark the battle bus’ entry and the exit point on the map in CoPilot.
  • Select the route’s direction.
  • Mark your desired landing spot and hit ‘Find Best Drop‘.

You can access CoPilot either through its android and iOS application, or its official website.

Importance of landing first in Fortnite

Aforementioned, Fortnite boasts a huge user base that contains a lot of skilled players. Naturally, these players possess similar levels of skill in terms of building and gun-fights. As a result, some of the most neglected aspects of the game, such as landing, become very important in winning competitive matches.

A lot of players land on POIs like the Stark Industries and Holly Hedges because they have the best loot on the entire map. However, these POIs are highly contested and players have to win early gun-fights in order to take command of the area. In such situations, landing early and picking up the loot before anybody else becomes very important.

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Also, it is worth noting CoPilot provides the most accurate landing spot based on the information you enter. Hence, be aware of the battle bus’ route and its direction before finding the ‘best drop’.

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