How to Boogie Before Oblivion in Fortnite

November 29, 2020 10:35 pm

Fortnite introduces a new set of challenges for its players every week that help in gaining XP and leveling up the season’s battle pass. Unlike previous seasons, the current Marvel-themed season has been longer than 10 weeks.

Accordingly, Epic Games has been releasing a set of Xtravaganza challenges for the past few weeks. Season 4 ends with the ‘Devourer of Worlds’ event on December 1, and the last set of Xtravaganza challenges is also here.

Interestingly, a specific challenge this week, named ‘Boogie before oblivion’, has baffled several players.

However, YouTuber HarryNinetyFour has cracked the code, and shared it in a recent video:

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Following months of anticipation, Galactus has finally arrived at the Fortnite island and is visible from the Coral Castle. Naturally, the developers wanted to highlight the arrival of the cosmic entity uniquely, and the ‘Boogie before oblivion’ challenge serves this purpose.

To complete the challenge, you need to land in the beach area between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges. Upon reaching the fancy views landmark, face Galactus and use any emote. Surprisingly, that should get the job done.

Even though the challenge looks really simple, deciphering it was one of the biggest dilemmas amidst the Fortnite community recently.

Guide to other Fortnite week 4 Xtravaganza challenges

Apart from the ‘Boogie before oblivion’ challenge, players shall complete the following to receive every reward before the season ends:

  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles to enemies in three stages- 1000, 1500, and 2000.
  • Maintain maximum shield and health for 2, 4, and 8 minutes in a single match.
  • Fish for items from a motorboat.
  • Fish for items from a motorboat and a Choppa in a single match.
  • Along with a motorboat and a Choppa, use a pickup truck bed to fish for items in a single match.
  • Fetch 15 eliminations outside of Stark Industries, Misty Meadows, or Weeping Woods.
  • Release slurp into the atmosphere.
  • Hit 1, 9, and 15 enemy players with Boogie bombs of Shockwave Grenades.
  • Deliver a Semi Truck from Upstate New York to Stark Industries.

Even though a majority of these challenges are straightforward, some posed problems for the players around the world.

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To say the least, the current Fortnite season has been an astounding success, and has set new benchmarks for the upcoming season. Hence, it will be interesting to see what Epic has in store for season 5, that begins on December 2.

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