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How To Complete Week 3 Challenges In Fortnite

Published 09/11/2020, 10:29 AM EDT

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Update 14.10 has brought the Stark Industries POI in Fortnite battle royale. As promised, Epic Games is leading the community and exercising operational arrangements with content. The inclusion comes with several new mythic abilities as well as new weekly challenges. These challenges are one of the quickest ways to collect XP.

The addition of the Stark Industries had demolished a lot of speculations about the Avengers Tower at The Authority. Nevertheless, this new area has replaced Frenzy Farm. What is noticeable is that the landmass resembles the floating city of Sokovia back in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. iFireMonkey took to twitter to show the Week 3 challenges in Fortnite. 


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Reports also suggest that there will be more characters added in the game. After the official arrival of Galactus’s troops on the island, the Avengers might call in for reinforcements. Popular streamers and Youtubers have suggested that Crytal might be one of the new incoming characters. Nevertheless, players cannot show any form of stark indifference towards the challenges for Week 3. 

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Week 3 Challenges

The challenges that arrived with update 14.10 has a lot to do with Marvel characters. 

  • Eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries (3)
  • Visit Panther’s Prowl (1)

These two challenges are definitely exciting for Marvel fans. However, when it comes to defeating Iron Man, players must steer clear of the blast radius. That Unibeam can tear through builds in seconds.

The following challenges have to do with dealing damage and trapping enemies.

  • Exploding Gas Pumps or Gas Cans – damage (250)
  • Place Three Fire Traps
  • Three Eliminations at Retail Row

The final challenges have to do with searching. Thus it is the most time-consuming. Finishing these early on can give a healthy boost to morale for completing the challenges.

  • Search Seven Chests at Steamy Stacks
  • Collect Wood from Weeping Woods (500)


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How to complete these challenges? 


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  • Stark Industries is located on the north-side of The Authority, exactly where Frenzy Farm was, over there players can find Iron Man. 
  • Similarly, the Panther’s Prowl POI is located on the left side of Misty Meadows.
  • The chests at Steamy Stacks can be located inside several rooms. The most common one spawning at the level 3 room. 
  • To deal damage with Gas cans, players have to pick it up in their inventory to place as a bait. Or one can wait for an opponent to get near it before shooting it for a blast. 
  • Fire traps are found inside llamas, chests, or they spawn in common areas. Placing that on a build can incinerate an enemy easily. 

With these challenges for Week 3, the community is looking forward to Week 4 of Chapter 2, Season 4. 



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