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How To Complete Wolverine Challenges In Fortnite

How To Complete Wolverine Challenges In Fortnite

Fortnite battle royale update v14.10 has brought forth several new aspects. These are not just restricted to the Stark Industries towers or the new mythic abilities, but also numerous new weekly challenges for the battle pass. While these challenges do not offer too much XP, they are still essential for ranking up and getting cosmetics. 

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There are three ways to earn XP with just challenges here. First, the battle pass itself, and all the weekly challenges that come with it. Secondly, the punch cards – over 60 punch cards have been added this season. The battle pass needs to be purchased for unlocking the Wolverine challenges. Each week, a new challenge will be added to our favorite clawed-killing-machine. 

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With these marvelous challenges in the game, some players are getting confused. For instance, the Wolverine challenges have always been a little tricky from the start. Even week one and week two felt like a scavenger hunt.

Nevertheless, the week three challenge needs players to discover Wolverine’s trophy at Dirty Docks. A short video from HarryNinetyFour shows the exact location for the Sentinel head trophy. 

How to complete the Wolverine challenge in Fortnite

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The first-week challenge had players investigating mysterious claw marks in Weeping Woods. The spray Berserker Barrage comes as a reward. The second-week challenge was a little tricky. Players needed to find loading screen pictures at Quinjet sites. This was not specifically marked for any Quinjet. Players could complete this challenge at any Quinjet location site. 

Week 3 intensifies the hunt with a new Wolverine challenge. This has to do with finding Wolverine’s trophy at Dirty Docks. Now, it can be quite difficult to search the entire place for it. Firstly, players need to locate Dirty Docks on the map. After reaching the Docks, players need to travel south, just a little bit. Over there, players will find the house where the trophy is kept. 

The Sentinel head trophy is perhaps a hint that Sentinel Graveyard might become the next Wolverine POI. Also, it functions as a great back-bling for players who like to flaunt their spoils of war.

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Season 4 is shaping up marvelously 

As the season progresses, new POIs are coming up with more hints every day. The island is turning into a superhero stronghold. This is solidified by the new cosmetic update Epic Games has brought in. Players can now customize their characters right down to their hairstyles. They can also equip a superhero beacon, which is pretty impressive. 

Fortnite battle royale Chapter2, Season 4 is shaping up to be a grand affair. The trailer released for Stark Industries also shows that Galactus’s troops have already landed on the island. It will be interesting to see whether the heroes would be able to stop them. Hopefully, there are more heroes and mythic abilities coming soon.

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