How To Decide Which Is The Best Shotgun In Fortnite

September 7, 2020 10:37 pm

Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite battle royale, opened up the vault and brought back several weapons. While in the subcategory of Shotguns, Season 3 saw players have trouble with the Charge. However, the Pump Shotgun was unvaulted on popular demand. Thus, the loot pool for Shotguns has seen a significant shift.

The Pump Shotgun, after its return, is currently dominating the meta. There is no doubt that the pump will always be a favorite weapon. The Combat Shotgun is also added in the game, which gives the players more options. 

In fact, the Combat Shotgun had quite a reputation for nailing enemies at long-range. Regardless, in Season 4, there are very few actual options to choose from. 

The Combat has been significantly nerfed. With less number of bullets, and substantially lower damage. That gives players only two options to chose from. The Pump and The Charge to compete with the Tactical Shotgun. 

SypherPK explains which is the best Shotgun in Fortnite

SypherPK made a video explaining the reason why players should be picky with Shotguns. The options in the loot pool do not offer much variance. With the Pump Shotgun being everyone’s favorite, the Charge Shotgun has fallen out of craze. Sypher said, “In most situations, you want to take the pump, because of its quick shots.” 

The Charge Shotgun has a different dynamic; it charges up and doesn’t respond on click. Sypher mentions, “The Charge Shotgun has a higher skill ceiling, requires a bit more adjustment in your play style.” 2:20

He also made a definitive distinction in the lower level of Shotguns. A grey Charge Shotgun is much better than a grey Pump Shotgun. Sypher said, “The grey and the green pumps, they are very weak in comparison to the Charge Shotguns.” 3:30

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Which one to use in specific situations?

If players are in a situation where they have a blue(rare) ranked Pump Shotgun, with a purple level Charge as an option. It is only logical to switch to the purple gun. Sypher suggests that players do so for that specific time. 

Although, after dispatching an enemy, especially if they are in a fight with another, stick to the current Shotgun. Switching up guns at that time would kill the momentum. Invariably a change to Charge Shotgun would be counterproductive then. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to range, the Charge Shotgun trumps the Pump any day. Thus, if a player is stuck in a mid-distance build fight and has no option, the Charge might help.

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