How to Don the Fortnite Joker Skin For Free

November 17, 2020 8:57 pm

One of the most anticipated skin bundles in Fortnite, The Last Laugh, is finally here. By following a simple tutorial, players can actually access the exclusive set, and that too, free of cost! However, there is a catch.

YouTube channel More MrTop 5 unlocked the Midas Rex, Poison Ivy, and Joker skins in a recent video.

To unlock The Last Laugh bundle’s skins, players require the Mystique skin that comes along with a special Shapeshifter ability. This ability lets Mystique transform into the skin of the player it eliminates. The Mystique skin is available after reaching level 80 in this season’s battle pass.

On the flip side, the Shapeshifter emote is available after completing the Awakening challenge. Players need to use a phone booth, deal damage with different rarity pistols, and kill an enemy in order to complete this challenge.

Last, you need a player in your lobby who has The Last Laugh bundle.

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Use the Fortnite Battle Lab to access your favorite Last Laugh bundle skin

Back in Chapter 2: Season 1, Fortnite had replaced the Playground with the battle lab. Unlike the original mode, Battle Lab also features Mythic Bosses.

To get any of the latest skins, you need to eliminate a player with the exact skin in the battle lab. Owing to a glitch, you can return to the Battle Hub and still own the skin.

More MrTop5 tried out the trick and surprisingly, it worked for all the latest skins in the Last Laugh bundle.

Everything known about the Last Laugh bundle

The latest Fortnite bundle is available on multiple platforms like Amazon and Best Buy for $30. It comes with 11 hefty items that certainly make the bundle worth it:

  • The Joker Outfit
  • Laugh Riot Back Bling
  • Bad Joke Harvesting Tool
  • The Joker’s Revenge Harvesting Tool
  • Pick a Card Emote
  • Poison Ivy Outfit
  • Back Bloom Back Bling
  • Ivy Axe Harvesting Tool
  • Midas Rex Outfit
  • Midas Crest Back Bling
  • Kingmaker Harvesting Tool
  • 1,000 V-Bucks for in-game shop purchases

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The Last Laugh bundle significantly adds to the plethora of Fortnite skins, and fans can finally avail it after waiting for months. The Marvel-Fortnite collaboration for Chapter 2: Season 4 has been an astounding success so far, and fans are surely looking forward to more such collaborations.
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