How to Get All the Mythic Items In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

August 31, 2020 9:27 pm

Season 4 of Fortnite battle royale has brought forth a new definition of mythic items. In previous seasons, the mechanics of the game were quite different. However, this season is predicted to be the last of Chapter 2 and it is customary of Epic Games to bring out the big guns at this juncture. 

Kiwiz made a comprehensive video on the mythic items available in season 4. Of the ones revealed so far, two of them belong to Doctor Doom and the giant green charge ball is definitely one of them. Fans were hoping that Thor and Iron Man would have something like that too. So far, there have been only four mythic items in Season 4. 

Doctor Doom’s Gauntlet in Fortnite

Gauntlets might seem daunting at first, but on the whole, they are relatively easy to get. The new POI added in the game, which replaced Pleasant Park is one of the hotspots. Called Doom’s Domain, this is a location for one of the mythic items. Once players take down the henchman and locate Doctor Doom, they have the first mythic item.

The Mystical Bomb can be found simultaneously, along with several key cards for the vault. The loot inside the vault is beyond compare and Doom’s Domain has become one of the most contested locations for mythic items.

Groot’s Bramble Shield

Since the abilities of Marvel characters have heavily influenced this season, it was fitting to see the iconic Groot shield in play. Sticking close to comic book references, this is called the Groot Bramble Shield. Silver Surfer’s surfboard is also in the picture, and this was one item that was predicted by several experts.

Once players get the Arcane Gauntlet, they can move on to the locations where the Quinjets land. Several Quinjets are flying around, and players should start off with the closest ones. It takes some trial and error to find these items because not every jet carries them.

Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

One can’t have Galactus in the storyline and not expect the Silver Surfer to be there. It is quite possible to find both Silver Surfer’s surfboard and Groot’s Shield in the same location. However, this is a rare occurrence since players will have to go across the map to different Quinjet crash sites to get the surfboard. 

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Locations to focus on and new henchmen

In conclusion, the two primary locations one needs to go to are Doom’s Domain and the Quinjets scattered across the map.

With the addition of the Stark drones and Doom’s henchmen, things can get messy. For instance, one POI might give you more than two mythic items. Similarly, the Stark drones can also be hacked once they’re knocked out.

Epic is trying to find innovative ways to raise interest levels in Fortnite. After the recent criticism, Season 4 has to give the community what they have asked for.

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