How To Play Among Us Map Polus in Fortnite

November 17, 2020 6:21 pm

Fortnite players are constantly experimenting in the creative mode. Apart from testing builds or creating impressive structures, they also replicate other games. Previously, Fortnite player ‘kkslider’ had created an Among Us mode in the game with the help of a friend.

‘Amidst Us’ was a great effort at replicating Among Us in the Creative mode. However, it wasn’t a replica. The map, tasks, and rest of the aspects were also completely different from the thriller-mystery game from InnerSloth.

However, this time, another player with the IGN, ‘TheBoyDilly’, has successfully managed to replicate the Polus map in Fortnite. All players have to do in order to access the map is find a featured rift in creative mode. Here they can punch in the code ‘0388-9523-9891’ and enter the game mode.

Among Us map in Fortnite has live security feed and working vents

The map design is not the only thing similar to the actual game. TheBoyDilly has successfully recreated the security feed in the creative mode. DBLTAP discovered the map on Reddit. They mentioned that the CCTV system works with a combination of toggling matchmaking portals and mutator zones.

The replica also has a fully functional vents system. It is very similar to the one in Among Us. Once players enter the system, they also have an option to sabotage the crewmates.

The mode works exactly like Among Us with the kill cool down and task completion. There is automatic voice chat for meetings and voting. The only feature this replica is missing is the crew’s ability to complete tasks as ghosts.

Nevertheless, this is the closest anyone has ever come to recreating Among Us in Fortnite. After the success of Polus, TheBoyDilly has already started working on the Skeld map.

This is exciting news for both Fortnite and Among Us fans, as they can now enjoy an amalgamation of the two popular games.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

Shwetang Parthsarthy is an Esports author at EssentiallySports. His love for arguments and games has led him down two paths: being a law student at NUALS, Kochi, and writing about the world of gaming since 2017. What started as a teenage hobby in the relatively small mobile gaming world has grown into a professional pursuit with ES.

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