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HS Prannoy Downs Kashyap in Fierce Final at the US Open Grand Prix

HS Prannoy Downs Kashyap in Fierce Final at the US Open Grand Prix

Youngster Prannoy wins Gold

The US Open Grand Prix concluded on Monday with an all Indian final between HS Prannoy and Parupalli Kashyap. Prannoy ultimately triumphed with a score of 21-15, 20-22, 21-12. In the first set, Kashyap led the way with a 6-1 advantage before his opponent clawed his way back with a series of mighty smashes. He completed the comeback and took the first set 21-15.

Not to be outdone, Kashyap fought back and the match turned into a rally fest. Kashyap ended up with a 9-7 lead and extended it to 14-10. Prannoy again pulled off another comeback to tie the game at 18-18. At 20-20, he saved a couple of game points but Kashyap prevailed to win the set 22-20. When the third and final set began, it was no holds barred between them. They fought toe to toe for a while, but a few errors from Kashyap saw his opponent take a 7-3 lead. Then, Prannoy suddenly found another gear and the score was at 15-8 in his favour. It was at that moment that Parupalli ran out of steam and could only manage to eke out 4 points. Prannoy, on the other hand, romped to victory. It was Kashyap’s first final in nearly two years.

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