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Huge Disappointment for Sony PlayStation 5 Reveal

Huge Disappointment for Sony PlayStation 5 Reveal

Sony has perhaps acted quicker in time to save what we call, an ‘unprecedented’ situation. With all that has been going on, it’s probably not the right time. For something as big as PlayStation 5, Sony does not want a marketing disaster. Right now, the situation is volatile enough for people to ignore something like this.

In times like this, standing in solidarity is the best one can do. Instead of capitalism, humanity should have its time. Sony understands that perfectly well. Recently they shifted the reveal showcase date for PlayStation 5 games. Without any proper measures to consolidate what everyone has lost, it is probably for the best. 

For now, the best we can hope for as a gaming community is that people limit violence to the videogames. The world outside is burning and is not as dreamy as in PS5. However, that’s where the importance of playing games lies. To get rid of all that negativity.

Changes to PlayStation 5 release date

An official Twitter post which announced, in brief, the postponement of the event. The digital event was set for June 4. Now, however, it remains undetermined.

For their worldwide fanbase, the makers had a strong sense of moral policy. “We do not feel that right now is the time for celebration.” 

Nothing seems to matter anymore, and amidst all this chaos, Sony is deciding to lead with PS5 as an example. A gesture to show that humans came before business. The words used in the tweet were strong enough to invoke varied emotions from every age. 

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“Allow more important voices to be heard”

Right now, the United States of America stands on the brink of imbalance. At this moment, standing together is the only thing to do. No words can explain the situation with any justice, which is why actions and gestures, instead of words, are the best way to show solidarity. And this is exactly what Sony is doing.

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