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Hummels: Latest move from Dortmund to Bayern

Hummels: Latest move from Dortmund to Bayern

Mats Hummels became the latest player from Borussia Dortmund to join Bayern Munich. It is not good news for the yellow submarine, as one of the world’s best central defenders will not be with the club come next season.

Around 10 years back, there was no team in Bundesliga who could have matched the prowess of Bayern Munich. But since the arrival of Robert Lewandowski in 2010, and the evolution of young players like Mario Gotze, Marco Reus and Mats Hummels, Dortmund started to give competition to the Bavarians. The effect of this was such, that Dortmund won two consecutive Bundesliga titles in 2010-11 and 2011-12 in an era where Bayern was considered the only team who could match Pep’s Barcelona.

It was surely a golden period for Dortmund. But their stature as a club wasn’t anywhere close to Bayern. As a result, the players started to move on to other clubs, looking for better opportunities. First, Gotze left the club in 2013 for a record German signing. But the club was set for an even bigger blow next season, as Lewandowski left to join Bayern on a free transfer. Since then, Dortmund haven’t been the same. They failed to qualify for the Champions League last season, and also to provide a strong challenge for Bayern in the last two seasons. With another world class player in Mats Hummels leaving, the agony seems to be continuing for them.

Mats Hummels playing in a Dortmund shirt

Although Hummels started his youth career at Bayern, he was sold to Dortmund in 2007 because he wasn’t considered a future prospect at the club. Dortmund accepted the young centre-half, where he evolved into one of the best in the world. He once said that he would rather win a trophy or two with Dortmund, than moving on to a better team for more glory. But, time changes people, and unfortunately so for Dortmund. Although, considering the latest trend, it is no surprise to see Bayern being the one to complete the big German’s signing. Here, we look at four more players who left Dortmund for a move to their arch rivals Bayern Munich.

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