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Hunter’s Intriguing Journey To Continue On FIFA 18

Hunter’s Intriguing Journey To Continue On FIFA 18

FIFA 18, the latest brainchild of the successful FIFA franchise will be released at the end of September. FIFA has been arguably the most popular sports game in history. But Madden and EA’s NBA franchise may also stake a competitive claim to that title.

The success of the FIFA franchise has allowed other branches of gaming to tailor new gaming ideas around their system. In addition to tens of different mobile games like Pixel Cup Soccer and Tiki Taka Soccer, companies have developed sporting themed online slot games such as Casinoland’s Champion’s Goal, a title that can be played with the website’s $800 welcome bonus. 

Like the new journey mode on FIFA, decisions have to be made. But the right choices reap the most rewards. It’s all based on instinct and timing, much like the newly-installed journey mode on FIFA 17. ‘The Journey’ proved to be a huge hit for EA and the franchise.

For the first time in the history of the gaming franchise, gamers play as a single character by the name of Alex Hunter. Players were allowed to follow the trials and tribulations of his rise through the ranks of football, throwing life-like scenarios into the mix that could make-or-break his path to glory.

The feature will return for FIFA 18 and the task will be greater this time around as Hunter enters the next phase of his career. All signs point to a move away from the Premier League for Hunter, judging by the early gameplay. The first season of the game was restricted to teams in England’s top-flight along with loan switches to the lower tiers.

However, FIFA 18 brings the continent into play and potential moves to La Liga and the Bundesliga. You can count on one hand the amount of top-quality English footballers that ply their trade aboard.

What’s New?

Therefore the prospect of seeing Hunter in a Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Bayern Munich shirt is a fascinating scenario. Not only does one have to adapt to the playing style in a foreign league, but also the language barrier.

Gamers will have a challenge on their hands ensuring that Hunter’s career emulates the same recent success of Gareth Bale and, in the past, Gary Lineker. Bale has made a seamless transition into Spanish football. But there could be cause for concern when players move for high prices. Neymar’s move to Paris Saint-Germain is a testament of this. His clash with Edinson Cavani over a penalty is a storyline worth monitoring over the season.

Football is a business full of egos and one of the best aspects of FIFA’s new dimension is the prospect of living these rigours yourself. It’s all based on instinct and it’s certainly worth buying the next round of the game to delve back into the life of Hunter.

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