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” I am gonna F*** you up” : Jorge Masvidal Responds to Colby Covington Calling Him “Jealous Little B****”

” I am gonna F*** you up” : Jorge Masvidal Responds to Colby Covington Calling Him “Jealous Little B****”

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington used to be best friends. it was impossible to separate them not so long ago. However, the recent altercations between these two have made the fact public that these two are everything but friends at the moment. Colby Covington started it on twitter by insulting Jorge Masvidal. He continued that beef to the ESPN interviews where he told the reason for the animosity between him and Masvidal.

Covington said:

“I knew he was not truly happy for me and my success. All he cares about is himself. He doesn’t care for anybody unless they can do something for him. he is just a jealous little b****.”

Jorge Masvidal

Well, now we have a response from the Miami goon, Jorge Masvidal who reveals his side of the story on ESPN. Masvidal and Covington who trains at American Top Team for a long time now. They also had the same coach for all their fights. Things started to be a little salty when Covington did not pay his coach after he won the title. According to Masvidal, he would have f***** Colby Covington up if it was not for his coach. Masvidal said:

“And he ripped off my coach. it was his coach. We were with him till his title fight. After he won the title, he owed him a certain amount of money, did not pay him. I said if you don’t pay him, I am gonna F*** you up. My coach got between this and I let it slide. Since then I have not talked to that dude.”

Responding to Covington calling him selfish and jealous, Masvidal said:

“Well before he was talking about how the sport is selfish. How he is in it for himself. That’s why he trashed another one of our teammates, Dustin Poirier before his fight. So him saying that stuff about me, it’s contradicting that. But you just said that’s okay cause we are in an individual sport. And that’s not true.”

Masvidal and Covington go way back in the days. These two fighters have been friends since Covington was fighting in the amateur circuit. They were even roommates at one moment. And Covington coming out and insulting Masvidal for publicity was not appreciated by Jorge as he said:

“This guy used to sleep on my couch. He used to eat off me. Cause I was the one with the sponsors. He was still relatively an amateur. I was helping this guy out. It hurts that he would do that in a way just for like on Facebook. Just for a retweet on twitter, he is doing that.”

It’s a fight business. It’s an individual sport. Colby Covington has already said many times that he is here to make money not friends. However, he should be very cautious to whom he is talking trash to as Masvidal said:

“I can’t let this punk come here and talking. he will be in the gym, I will walk in the gym, guess who leaves right away through the back door.”

Well, it seems Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington are going to cross paths with each other. It may be inside the octagon or outside of it.


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