“I Can Do What Papa Can” – When Roger Federer Revealed His Kid’s Reaction To Watching Him Play

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You might be the best tennis player in the world but when you come home to your little kids who can hardly make sense of their environment, you’re just their father. That’s something that Roger Federer realizes after the birth of his twin sons.

Even though he’s the most recognized tennis player, his sons can’t really fathom his greatness yet. Roger once spoke about the beautifully grounding experience it was to be an ordinary father for his little children. His elder daughters understand that their dad’s a tennis player, but even they don’t know his caliber yet.

They feel like he’s one among the many they encounter. Roger is absolutely happy to let it remain that way.

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What did Roger Federer say?

Roger was pretty candid when talking about his kids. He revealed that his sons were actually taking interest in tennis after watching him.

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“One of my boys said like that he was watching me play at the Hopman Cup last week and he was like oh I can do what papa can do I can play tennis too. They’re funny.”

He then talked about his girls and the way they perceive him.

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“The girls, I think they know I’m a professional tennis player. But they know there’s many of us. Absolutely, I make sure they know how incredibly all the other players are but I don’t really talk about rankings. They sometimes have asked me what’s your ranking, last year it was 17, this year it’s 2. And Rafa’s the best so I shouldn’t be able to beat him because he’s number one. So, I don’t know, I don’t wanna educate them on everything. They know, I sometimes win. Winning or losing for them shouldn’t matter because my attitude should always be the same.”

For those of us who’ve followed Roger since the beginning of his career, it’s like watching him transform from a kid to an adult. He has come a long way as a person and as a player. We hope to continue following the great man for the remaining part of his career.

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