“I Can Still Win Big Tournaments” – Roger Federer Confident on Winning Grand Slams

July 11, 2020 10:27 pm

Roger Federer last won a grand slam in 2018. He is nearing the age of 40 and surely he might be having thoughts around retirement and choosing new priorities over tennis.

Federer is out of the 2020 season due to knee surgery and currently, he is rehabbing. Federer wasn’t plagued with injuries in his career. But towards the end of his career though he has had quite a few problems.

“I’m still very eager, very happy, very motivated” – Roger Federer

In an interview with Times UK, he talked about his mood and plans. Federer seems to be young as ever and is always motivated. But he wants to compete with the best till he is around.

“I’m still very eager, very happy, very motivated. But I feel like I need to be able to compete with the best, that I can still win big tournaments. Like last year at Wimbledon, I was so close. I need those moments” Federer said

Federer also stated that he will know his time is up if he can’t compete at the highest level.

“If I start losing the second round every week, obviously I know my time has come up,” he said

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The Swiss also talked about changes in priority. As he was young his priority was Tennis, but now with his kids grown up, he will have a change in priorities. Federer’s main objective will be his family and so for them, he is ready to make compromises in his career.

“And then, of course, once you have family, everything changes. You start making compromises, you know what the priority is: the kids, the family, and the wife and everything” Federer said

Federer though seems excited for 2021, he wants to have a good return. He is also eagerly waiting for the Olympics. Federer doesn’t have an Olympic Singles Gold so he might be looking at that final glory before he retires.

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