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“I can’t be responsible”- SypherPK Hits Back At Critics For Fortnite SBMM Backlash

“I can’t be responsible”- SypherPK Hits Back At Critics For Fortnite SBMM Backlash

Fortnite battle royale recently reshaped their dynamics after listening to the community. Removing SBMM entirely from squads did bring back a lot of old players. However, a few things did go unplanned, especially with the AI.

A video made by Sypher and Ninja showed us that a game without SBMM has over 60-90% bots in the lobby. This sparked debates, especially after a rumor that SBMM might come back went viral. People started criticizing Sypher for his efforts. The Fortnite community severely misinterpreted Sypher’s previous video on the same.

While content creators do their best to help the company, they are not directly responsible for any changes. People showed their anger towards the video as #fucksypher went viral. Eventually, SypherPK had to come out with several tweets and a video defending his stance on the situation.

SypherPK on SBMM in Fortnite

Sypher mentioned in his previous videos that he wanted SBMM adjusted, not removed. People misinterpreted this and felt that Epic brought back SBMM due to his request. However, it is entirely conjecture. There is no conclusive evidence of SBMM being reintroduced in Fortnite squads.

The competitive nature of the game took away the fun element, and this was the primary reason for SBMM adjustment. Sypher said in his new video, “I really wanted to get that old casual Fortnite feel.” Lobbies having more real players marked the apparent return of SBMM. Calling Sypher a hypocrite is just baseless.

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“I cannot be a punching bag for both sides.”

Sypher forced Epic to remove SBMM and then compelled them to add it again. It seems like people only need a reason to take out their frustration. He read a few tweets and showed us how misinformation propagates. People commenting didn’t even see his first video and just went with the #fucksypher flow.

The whole situation showcases the negative aspect of the gaming community. Misinformation spreads like wildfire, and this brings a negative impression upon the community as a whole. People should use their expression not to spread hate but to unite with each other. Sypher made the exact same claim and stood his ground. Do you think he was responsible for SBMM being removed or added?

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