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“I Consider It My Second Home” – Maria Sharapova Mourns for Italy

“I Consider It My Second Home” – Maria Sharapova Mourns for Italy

As you may already know, Italy is in a dire situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. The country is fighting for its life, having suffered the most world over. Amid all the chaos and struggle, everyone is sending their best wishes to the people of Italy, including Maria Sharapova.

The damage caused by the COVID-19 disease has devastated Italy, infecting a jaw-dropping 63,928 people. Sadder even is the fact that the virus has claimed the lives of 6,078 people there.

The signs are not very optimistic at the moment, with the country losing 602 people today. However, the number is still down from the record 793 deaths announced on Saturday.

Maria Sharapova sends a message to Italy

Maria Sharapova has a special bond with Italy. Naturally, she is heartbroken over the ordeal that the country is going through.

The retired Russian superstar expressed her love and grief for the nation today.

“I was introduced to Italy as a little girl and fell in love with it immediately. In all fairness, it is very hard not to fall in love with. In the past year, I spent most of my training in Italy and considered it my second home. I ate more pasta Genovese than anyone should be allowed to.”

Maria also talked about making new friends while she was there and how she drove around on the roads of the country, often receiving gestures from frantic cab drivers due to her poor driving skills.

She asserted that these fond memories already have her thinking of the near future when she can go back and enjoy the beautiful country once again.

“As we navigate through so many unknowns together, let’s do it with kindness, love, and optimism—All the beautiful qualities Italia has shared with me.”

A wonderful thought by Maria Sharapova which will surely give heart to some Italians.

We are with Sharapova too, hoping and wishing only the best for Italy and all its citizens. May they recover well and soon.

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