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“I Don’t Know What Is Going to Happen” – Rafael Nadal on Playing the US Open and French Open

“I Don’t Know What Is Going to Happen” – Rafael Nadal on Playing the US Open and French Open

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were a lot of doubts regarding the resumption of the 2020 tennis season. All of those doubts were cleared when the ATP Tour released a schedule for the remaining events. This schedule is a grueling one as the 2 Grand Slams – the French Open and the US Open are being played in almost the same month. Rafael Nadal has just talked about this schedule in a recent interview. Check out what he said.

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Rafael Nadal On The Schedule

World No. 2  Rafael Nadal has had many injuries throughout his career. And playing 2 Grand Slams in such a short span of time might cause another one. This is why many people feel that he might skip one of the Slams. When asked about this in an interview with the Associated Press, he said,

“It’s much easier to (get) a body ready (that is) 21 years old, than a body that is 34 years old. That is 100 percent. But at the same time, a 34-year-old body and mind have much more experience than a body and mind of 21 years old. So I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

In the interview, Rafa also talked about the time that has been lost and how it is different for the older players on the Tour. He said,

“We lost the same amount of time, (but) in terms of perspective, it’s different. Because losing a year at 34 or 36 or 33, is not the same as losing a year at 20, when you have all your career in front of you.”

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We all would love to see Rafa play both the Grand Slams this year but he has to do what’s best for him. If he were to skip one of the Slams, everyone will expect him to skip the US Open and play the French Open.

He has won 12 titles at Roland Garros and has only lost 2 of his matches there. He will be looking to win his 13th title this year.

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