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“I Don’t Really Care”- Rafael Nadal Responds To Nick Kyrgios Imitating Him At Australian Open

“I Don’t Really Care”- Rafael Nadal Responds To Nick Kyrgios Imitating Him At Australian Open

Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios

Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios are not really best friends. From time to time, their differences keep coming to the forefront, explicitly or implicitly. In fact, Kyrgios has claimed in the past that Rafa is his polar opposite.

The Australian Open was a witness to this interesting rivalry. After being handed a penalty for taking too much time, Kyrgios took a savage dig at the Spanish umpire by imitating Rafael Nadal’s service style.

After his match, Rafael Nadal commented on Kyrgios’ actions. Let’s find out how Rafa responded.

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What Did Rafael Nadal Say?

Rafael Nadal was asked post match whether he was comfortable with the Australian mimicking his service action.

The Spanish star was characteristically indifferent to the situation. This is what Rafa had to say about the incident-

“I really don’t care. I am here to play tennis. Honestly, I don’t care at all. It was funny, good. That’s it.”

It seems like Rafael Nadal is not really intrested in any kind of engagement with the controversial Australian star. Rafa wants to focus on his game for now and any other banter will only serve to distract him. The year 2020 is very important for him and can cement his staus as the greatest tennis star of all time by overtaking Roger Federer’s grand slam record.

However, the two stars have had a storied past. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is The History Between Nadal And Kyrgios?

Last year, Kyrgios made some scathing remarks about Rafa. He referred to Nadal as his polar opposite. Kyrgios alleged that Rafa is all praises for his opponent when the Spanish star wins.

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However, whenever Kyrgios defeats him, Nadal starts talking about his lack of respect.

This was in context to Rafa saying that Kyrgios lacks respect not just for his opponents but also for the fans.

Well, we can’t really be the arbitrators here and decide who’s right or wrong. What we do know is that both are fantastic tennis players and entertain us on the tennis court. We hope to see them face off very soon and feel the electricity again.

Who do you think will win the next battle between Nadal and Kyrgios?


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