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“I Don’t Really Make too Much of it”: Draymond Green on Preseason

“I Don’t Really Make too Much of it”: Draymond Green on Preseason

Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors are coming into the NBA 2019/20 season after a fairly ordinary preseason, which according to their no. 23 Draymond Green isn’t really a factor to worry.

The Warriors were beaten by Los Angeles Lakers on three of the four occasions they had met in the preseason. They have won only two of their five preseason games.

“I don’t make too much of the preseason. I really don’t even play that hard during the preseason. So I don’t really make too much of it,” Green was quoted as saying by ESPN ahead of their match against Los Angeles Clippers.

After coming into the season having won two championships and contesting in another finals in the last three seasons, the Warriors will want to continue their good run in the league this season.

In their first game of the new season, Warriors already seem to have a tough task facing a rejuvenated Clippers side, who registered a victory on the opening night of the season against their local rivals on the back of their new signing Kawhi Leonard.

For the Warriors, Leonard was the thorn in their side who stopped them from winning a third consecutive championship, and he could once again prove to be an obstacle on their opening night in the 2019-20 season. Warriors coach Steve Kerr has also admitted of their first opponents being a “hell of a team” after watching their first game on Tuesday.

Another major problem for Warriors is the fitness of Klay Thompson, whose shooting abilities make him hard to replace. Although Kerr has been optimistic about Thompson’s return somewhere down the season, Green said that he would be entering into the season not expecting Thompson in their lineup this year.

Green, along with the likes of Stephen Curry, will have added responsibilities in the absence of Thompson and Kerr will at least expect his team to make it to the semi-finals in spite of the injury concerns.

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