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“I Don’t Want to Be a Fanboy”- Twitch Streamer Loses Mind After LeBron James Drops In

“I Don’t Want to Be a Fanboy”- Twitch Streamer Loses Mind After LeBron James Drops In

LeBron James

Imagine you’re watching Mission Impossible and you get a call from Tom Cruise. Wouldn’t that be just amazing? Well, a Twitch streamer experienced something similar, except it was with someone cooler than Cruise. Adin ‘Adin2Huncho’ Ross is a fairly popular streamer, who may just see his followers sky-rocket after what happened. A certain someone named LeBron James dropped in on his broadcast’s chat.

“I love it”- LeBron James makes streamers dream come true

The Twitch streamer was playing NBA 2K20 with none other than LeBron James jr., or Bronny as he is better known. The two had teamed up for a wager of sorts and ended up winning. Ecstatic with the win, Adin2Huncho was over the moon. Little did he know, he had a much better surprise in store.

During a celebratory call with Bronny, the pair decided to play Call of Duty next. As Adin was set to boot up CoD and he was talking to Bronny over voice-chat when he heard a faint voice on the other end.

“Is that LeBron? Can I say hi?”

Soon enough, an unmistakable voice called out, “What’s good bro?”

Adin, a massive LeBron James fan, Couldn’t believe his luck. Surprisingly, though, he was quite calm as he spoke to the superstar.

First of all I gotta say, gigantic fan; I love you. I don’t wanna be a fanboy but I love you.”

“Nah, it’s all respect man, I appreciate it, man, I appreciate it. I appreciate you showing love and respect for me and my son,” said the GOAT himself.

As Adin dedicated his NBA 2K20 win to Cleveland, LeBron could not help but laugh in appreciation.

“I love it! Yes sir, yes sir. Nice meeting you man.”

The moment Lebron James was off the voice-chat, the streamer let go of his inhibitions. Pacing around, he could not help but scream out at what had just transpired.

Check out Adin’s interaction with the Los Angeles Lakers player below.

Adin2Huncho currently has about 85K followers on Twitch. Don’t be surprised if that number rises meteorically in the coming days.

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