“I F–king Hate Losing” – Nadeshot Opens Up About 100T Roster Concerns

August 12, 2020 8:25 pm

There is no doubt about the fact that 100 Thieves is one of the biggest eSports organizations out there. They have been a successful brand name with celebrity partners like Drake. But lately, a fan of 100T has accused the company  on the 100T subreddit of having strayed away from its primary objective, which is eSports. Recently, Nadeshot talked about this on his stream. The co-founder of 100 Thieves was genuinely bothered by the post on the 100T subreddit and spoke up on the concerns regarding the organization’s performance in the competitive scene.

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Now, what people do not realize is, managing a roster alongside all the other responsibilities of an eSports organization is not an easy task. But Nadeshot makes it clear on his stream that what hurt him the most is when people accuse him, or the org, of not trying hard enough to perform well, or not investing in the eSports sector enough to get better.

“I promise you you are not alone in the frustration that you have with 100 Thieves and eSports.”

“I don’t think people really understand the position 100 Thieves is in” – Nadeshot on 100T roster concern

100 Thieves has had immense success as an eSports org. But to be honest, the teams signed up under the banner have not brought home the success one would expect. Now, that does not stand for all the rosters under the banner. For example, Nadeshot says himself that he is proud of their League of Legends roster. Not to forget the success brought by the Call of Duty roster under 100 Thieves who won 2 championships under the banner. If we focus on the Valorant team, it is a relatively new one. And Nadeshot adds that the CS: GO team is “showing signs of greatness”. But let’s face it, the teams have not been performing as well as the org would like them to.

“People on our subreddit think that I don’t care… I spent a decade competing myself… You think I enjoy spending all this money on eSports and f–king losing? You don’t think I wake up angry every single day? Every single weekend? Or every single tournament where we fall short and lose?”

Content creation is important for the company, but not at the cost of eSports

He also speaks about the issue that people have mocked them saying that it is just an entertainment company or some sort of a talent hub in the field of eSports. He emphasizes that this sector is important as well and that this is one of the major factors that can go on to increase the business. Content creation is a major way of gaining sponsorships.

But having said that he adds that he will not tolerate when people accuse him of not caring enough about the eSports divisions: ” You think John (Robinson, COO of 100T) and I and the rest of the leadership team are sitting in on these Monday mornings happy? F–k no!” 

Although it is true that the 100T rosters have not been performing well in every eSport, it is also unfair to just assume that an organization does not care. We think fans should picture themselves in Nadeshot’s position before firing such serious accusations.


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