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“I Got A Marriage Proposal” – Bianca Andreescu

“I Got A Marriage Proposal” – Bianca Andreescu

Canadian Bianca Andreescu has not played a single tournament since the WTA Finals. This due to the combination of a knee injury and the coronavirus. During this break from tennis, she has decided to entertain herself by answering questions on Tennis Channel’s Confessional Cart.

Q&A Session with Bianca Andreescu

Tennis Channel’s Confessional Cart is different from other interviews. Here we see questions being asked by a robotic golf cart and not by a person. We got to know many things about Bianca through her answers. Some have been given below.

“If you could play an Olympic sport besides tennis, what would it be?”

Bianca Andreescu replied, “Rhythmic Gymnastics”. She said that she watches it a lot and that it is her favorite sport to watch. I am sure nobody expected this reply from her.

“Who would you like to switch places with for a day?”

Bianca Andreescu said she would like to be Oprah Winfrey. However, she says that she would not like to be Oprah the day she fell as she is not looking to get injured again. Clearly, she hated the entire experience of recovering from an injury.

Bianca Andreescu makes history by reaching the 2019 US Open final ...

“What is your funniest fan encounter?”

Bianca Andreescu revealed an incident at the US Open 2019. A fan bet $10,000 that Bianca would win the tournament. After she won, he was so happy he won the bet he asked Bianca to marry him. This makes her a member of the club consisting of Rafael Nadal and Steffi Graf as they also got proposals by fans.

Bianca Andreescu is currently recovering from a knee injury. This break she is getting due to the coronavirus can help her recover completely and be ready when the WTA Tour resumes. She will be hoping to defend her US Open title in September. Maybe, she’ll have the same funny fan encounter again.






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