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“I Got To Embarrass Him”-Tyron Woodley Issues A Stern Warning To Gilbert Burns

“I Got To Embarrass Him”-Tyron Woodley Issues A Stern Warning To Gilbert Burns

Tyron Woodley sends out a message to his next opponent. A fierce message that will for sure send chills down your spine.

It’s official, Tyron Woodley will step into the octagon on the 30th of May after a 14-month break. He will take on Gilbert Burns in a welterweight clash. This fight will be a huge one for Woodley. After having lost to Kamaru Usman at his last outing, he has to make this one count.

Tyron Woodley sends a clear and very scary message. He lets Burns know what “The Chosen One” is capable of.
Tyron Woodley said, “I started this sport with an end in mind. I saw clearly me leaving this sport as one f the greatest. The greatest welterweight of all time and one of the greatest fighters that ever graced the canvas. And I’m not gonna stop until that’s done.”

Israel Adesanya

This is Woodley’s shot to make a comeback. Burns is currently on a five-fight win streak and a win over him will put Woodley in a great position.

Tyron Woodley is ready to charge in and take down anyone placed in front of him

Tyron Woodley has a plan. Letting us in on it he said, “I got to bounce back. My goal is to just go out there and viciously remind everybody what I’m capable of. I’m just ready to go to dark places. When you get to me at this point, all the guys I really knocked out is the mentality I have.”

“It’s not a lot of pressure on me to go out there and be the greatest. That is because I am the greatest! There’s a lot of pressure on him. He’s the one that’s been taking all that SH**. He’s the one that’s opened up his mouth. Don’t let your mouth write cheques that your ass can’t cash.”

Tyron Woodley

“Now he’s got to walk in there driven, motivated refocused because it’s against Tyron Woodley and he’s going to have to back up all that he’s said. My resume proves that I’m willing t back it up. I got to go out there and embarrass him, outclass him. I got to stop him and wipe him off the mat. I’m just focused on going out there and F**K him up and everybody that comes after him.”

In his comeback fight do you think Tyron Woodley will get the better of an in-form Gilbert Burns?

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