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“I Have More Fun Watching Australian Football Than Cricket”- Rafael Nadal

“I Have More Fun Watching Australian Football Than Cricket”- Rafael Nadal

The Spanish star Rafael Nadal has rarely been heard of in conversations outside of tennis. However, many of Rafa’s fans are also avid followers of multiple sports.

Obviously, they would go crazy if they realize that their favourite tennis star also relates to other sports of their choice.

Unfortunately, Rafa’s fans who also follow cricket don’t have this privilege. Nadal revealed that he is not a big fan of cricket in an interview with Australian journalist Mark Beretta.

What Did Rafael Nadal Say About Cricket?

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the Boca Juniors vs All Boys game in 2013

Rafael Nadal is currently in Australia for the first grand slam of the year. Obviously, tennis players like to observe the culture of the countries they travel to.

Considering that, Beretta asked Nadal about the two popular sports in Australia- Rugby and Cricket. Rafa was asked whether he would prefer playing a cricket match or in the Australian Football league.

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Rafa was very quick to reply to the question- “Football! More dynamic I don’t know, Cricket for us is a little bit more difficult to…. not to understand but in some way in Spain Cricket is not very popular but of course, Australian football is also not very popular.

However, Rafa added that he likes the fact that rugby is a more dynamic sport in the sense that there’s always something happening.

“But I don’t know, whenever I watch a match of cricket or Australian football, I had more fun watching football because it’s more dynamic. Also, because I like to see people moving without stopping. In cricket, of course, there’s a lot of things that can happen and you’re stopped for a while. Football is very dynamic and I enjoy that.”

Rafael Nadal

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What Is Nadal’s Status For Australian Open 2020?

Nadal has drawn a relatively easier contest in the first round of the Australian Open. He faces world no 72 Hugo Dellien in the first round.

Do you think Rafael Nadal can win the Australian Open 2020?


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