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“I’ve Never Met Gerard Pique”: Roger Federer Denies Talks with Gerard Pique for Revamped Davis Cup

“I’ve Never Met Gerard Pique”: Roger Federer Denies Talks with Gerard Pique for Revamped Davis Cup

Roger Federer, who has been reluctant to give his full support to the revamped Davis Cup, reveals that he has never met the Spanish legend footballer Gerard Pique for his participation in the new format of the historic tournament.

Earlier, FC Barcelona defender and investor of the revamped Davis Cup, Gerard Pique had explained that he has sent Davis Cup plea to Roger Federer and has been working on it as he suggests that there has been a difference in opinion between him and Federer and hopes that one day, the Swiss maestro can understand each other.

Roger Federer


Speaking about the Davis Cup and his rumored talks with Gerard Pique, Roger Federer said in a post-match press conference at the ongoing Shanghai Rolex Masters 2019, ”I’ve never met him. So I don’t know what we need to ’work on’, we’ve never had a fallout.”

The 20-time Grand Slam champion explained that he has put a lot of energy on the Davis Cup in the past several years and he is more unlikely to play the revamped tournament in November as it has been a lot of work. However, the Basel native revealed that he has not retired from Davis Cup but it is implausible that he will play the new format of the event.

Roger Federer


He said: I’ve put in a lot of energy into the Davis Cup over the years, I must tell you. I’ve played a lot of matches, it’s been a lot of work. It was a dream come true in 2014. I’ve not officially retired from the Davis Cup so I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe? More likely no than yes.”

The 38-year-old further added: I’m getting older and I have other things I’d like to also do and go to places I’ve never played. It’s one thing and having the wife and four kids is another. I just can’t be everywhere. Laver Cup is a priority and it’s not I’m gonna play much more of a bigger schedule.


Roger Federer also expressed his support to the revamped Davis Cup and wish that the tournament does well in its first edition in Madrid. The Swiss maestro further explicated that he cannot play this year’s Davis Cup as Switzerland has failed to qualify for the main draw and so it is impractical for him to plan for the next year’s event from now.

He concluded: ”It’s just gonna be hard to do. Look I’m still in support of the Davis Cup, I hope it’s gonna go super well in Madrid, but like I said I just don’t know and I can’t plan that far ahead. Well, I can’t play because we didn’t qualify.”

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