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“I Really Love His Game” – Serena Williams Heaps Huge Praise on Stefanos Tsitsipas

“I Really Love His Game” – Serena Williams Heaps Huge Praise on Stefanos Tsitsipas

At one time, the participation at the US Open wasn’t looking too good. However, in the end, many players signed up for it, including Serena Williams and Stefanos Tsitsipas. To prepare for the event, they decided to practice with each other, an experience Serena has spoken about.

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Serena Williams On Stefanos Tsitisipas

Through their practice, Serena Williams got to see Tsistsipas’ game very closely. In a recent interview, she was asked for her opinion on his game. She said, “Yeah, I really love his game a lot. He takes the ball super early and hits the ball really hard. I get a lot out of that he hits a little more flat than a lot of men, a lot of guys on the ATP.”

The American star went on to talk about how practicing with players like Tsitsipas also helps her improve. She said, “So for me it obviously helps me, like, I have to lift my game so much. And then it’s also important for me to lift it, because I don’t want him to think, oh, I never want to hit with her again. She totally sucked. I’m, like, Okay, I need to not miss a shot ever. So it’s good. I think it’s kind of good for me to kind of just get back into that mental, like, you don’t ever want to miss a shot ever. Yeah, it’s really helpful.”

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Serena is doing everything in her power to be in top form. The desire to win the US Open this year will be especially high since she hasn’t won a Major title for a while now. Hopefully, she will triumph in New York and in the process, equal the record for the most Grand Slams.

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