“I try not to fool myself”- Tommaso Ciampa Reveals his Concerns about a Main Roster Debut

Published 06/05/2020, 4:26 AM EDT

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WWE Superstar Tommaso Ciampa recently spoke about his injury, his time in NXT, and potentially moving on to Smackdown or RAW.

Ciampa came down with a neck injury more than a year ago, resulting in him needing surgery. He was the NXT Champion at the time, with an extremely dominant reign with the belt.

His reign was the fourth-longest of all time until he was forced to vacate the championship due to his injury. He was unable to defend the belt, so he had to give it up.


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Tommaso was slated to join the main WWE roster on Smackdown along with Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black until he suffered his injury.

Ciampo recently opened up in an interview about his time in the WWE, and if he’d go up to the main roster now.

Tommaso Ciampa speaks about moving up

Ciampa spoke about his recovery, and his prospects in the WWE, now that he was out of recovery. Yeah, well I’m a year and a half out of surgery now. So I feel my stance getting slightly more laid back on it.

“But it’s one of those things where like, I don’t want to get too comfortable with ‘Oh, my neck feels great.’ Because I just know it, you’re one mistake away, you’re one bump away from it not feeling great.


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The Superstar stated that he is still cautious about his injury, and that may affect how much work he takes up in the future. He says in the interview that he would take a lighter schedule for less money if it meant there was less stress on his neck. 

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I’ve been on a limited schedule. Right now I feel great, but again, I just haven’t taken on a very hard load. So I try not to fool myself. It’s one of those like, ‘Hey, I probably can’t do 250 days a year.  Would I feel great if I did 250? Probably not,admits Ciampa.


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The former NXT Champion also gave fans some details of his potential move to the main roster.

“If somebody came to me with the right offer of saying, ‘We’re gonna limit your schedule,’ anything’s possible. It’s literally just for me, the longevity of my career,he claims.


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Tommaso Ciampa stated that he cared a lot more about his legacy as a wrestler, and would work towards preserving it, by having a longer career and meaningful matches.



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