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“I Was Very Star Struck” – Naomi Osaka Recalls First Meeting With Serena Williams

“I Was Very Star Struck” – Naomi Osaka Recalls First Meeting With Serena Williams

Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams

Naomi Osaka has achieved stardom at a very young age. She’s just 22 and has already won two Grand Slam titles. Obviously, it means that she has got around to fulfilling her fangirl ambitions. Her favorite tennis star, Serena Williams, is still playing. In fact, she has played and defeated Williams.

However, in an interview with Teen Vogue, Naomi Osaka revealed how her first meeting with Serena was nothing short of a dream come true for her. In fact, she rated it as one of the biggest moments of her life. Let’s find out what Osaka had to say.

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Naomi Osaka

What did Naomi Osaka say about Serena Williams? 

Naomi Osaka revealed that her biggest star-struck moment was when she encountered Serena Williams. It was certainly a moment to remember.

“The first time I was very start struck…..probably seeing Serena for the first time? I was young, I was like sixteen back then. I said how much I loved her in an interview and the tournament just like set up this like basically a fan meeting for me because I was like I love her and she’s the reason I’ve gotten into tennis. And she came and hugged me and I was like…aah this is awesome.

Actually, it’s not like she gave me her number when I was her number one fan. That’d be kind of creepy.”

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Naomi Osaka

Osaka had the first big moment of her career when she defeated Williams in the finals of the US Open 2018. That truly kickstarted her ascent to the top of the women’s game. A victory at the Australian Open would solidify that success.

This meant that not only was Serena a crucial part of her life when envisioning a career, but she was also pretty much there even when she achieved her goals. Some people go as far as saying that Naomi is the successor to Serena. She certainly has a lot of time to achieve that goal considering she is still quite young but she has a lot more to learn.

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