“I Wear a 45-Pound Vest in All My Exercising”: Deontay Wilder Blaming Heavy Costume Looks Suspicious Now

February 29, 2020 2:17 pm

An old JRE podcast has come back to haunt Deontay Wilder with the fighter getting exposed for his excuses after his loss. The Fighter’s gown was a major talking point with Deontay claiming that to be a big reason for his loss.

Deontay Wilder Reveals Training Regiment on JRE Podcast

I wear a 45-pound vest on me as well in all my exercising and everything that I do to have that extra weight on me.’ Said Wilder on the JRE Podcast.


It may seem like a bitter pill to swallow, but Deontay must come to terms with his loss.  Although this ‘’excuse ‘’ may have some truth to it, it becomes completely irrelevant when such tall claims are made.

Adding insult to injury Wilder’s costume designer stated that they have made heavier costumes in the past and fighters have experienced no ill-effects.

Deontay looked extremely fatigued and sluggish throughout the fight. His legs looked shot from round 3 with Wilder slowing down round after round.


Deontay weighed in at his heaviest for the rematch coming in at 231 pounds. Maybe this was a factor for his fatigued performance.

Deontay looks best when he weighs around 220 with the fighter known for extremely fast and unorthodox punches and his devastating knockout power.

‘He didn’t hurt me at all, but the simple fact is that my uniform was way too heavy for me. said, Wilder

By discrediting Fury’s performance, ‘’The Bronze Bomber’’ runs the risk of tarnishing his reputation. This loss seems to have upset Wilder with each excuse getting more ridiculous than the other.

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What’s next for ”The Bronze Bomber”? the

Deontay Wilder Will always be a champion and despite the loss, the courage he showed inside the ring is commendable. Wilder wanted to continue despite his ear injury and showed the heart of a lion in the ring.

His return is  anticipated with a trilogy insight for ‘‘The Bronze Bomber’’.

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