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“I Won’t be as Handsome as Kimi is Now” – Sebastian Vettel

“I Won’t be as Handsome as Kimi is Now” – Sebastian Vettel

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Sebastian Vettel and his next move in F1. With the upcoming 2021 changes on on the horizon, the German believes that that will determine his longevity in the sport. Will he follow in the footsteps of Kimi Raikkonen by staying in the sport until he is 40 years old? Only time will tell.

Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Ferrari runs until the end of 2020 with an extension pending. Intriguingly, reports have emerged that he may leave Scuderia Ferrari this season or after.

So far, it had not been going Vettel’s way in 2019, helplessly watching Mercedes dominate every race. Soon, even Red Bull got in on the act, with Max Verstappen snatching a win. However, after the German Grand Prix, there may have been a spike in confidence for Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel slashed Lewis Hamilton’s lead to 84 points ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Nonetheless, Vettel often allowed his frustration to overwhelm him this season with numerous mistakes. Still, it looks like he is heading on a road to redemption, starting with the venue that triggered his fall from grace. It is almost poetic to see Vettel’s bad luck run come to an end and come full circle.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

However, whispers suggest that the 32-year-old may still walk away from the sport in the near future. The good news for Vettel fans is that Sebastian Vettel is willing to wait and see if the FIA’s 2021 changes adversely impact his future.

In recent years, Formula One is eager to improve racing drastically, owing to too much predictability. Some of these proposals include bringing back refuelling and radically different-looking cars.

The only question that remains on everybody’s lips is, it it will be enough to convince Sebastian Vettel to stay in Formula One.

Speaking in the press conference before the German Grand Prix, he said, “I’m not as handsome as Kimi is now [laughs] so I won’t be as handsome at 40.”

“It depends on how the next years go. It depends on how the sport is going, the big rule change coming in 2021. We will see what happens. I’ll be 40 in 2027 so I don’t know.”

He added: “As I said ‘I don’t know how long I am going to be here. I love racing, they are the fastest cars. The joy I get from racing is the best it has ever been.”

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