As the world enters the modern age, so many things are evolving and thinking of the future. Cricket is no exception and the Indian cricket team are taking capital advantage of this. For the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, the BCCI have implemented a unique upgrade to aid in the Indian team’s quest for a third World Cup.

Under their jerseys, the Men in Blue will be sporting a high-resolution unit under their jerseys. The idea is to keep an eye on the players’ movement on the pitch as well as assess them during training. To acquire the state of the art equipment, the BCCI inked a deal with UK-based company STATSports.

This is not the first time that such technology has been used, the likes of Australia, New Zealand and England have implemented the device before. One could even spot bulges on the backs of the pacers, that bulge was the body monitor.


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According to Regional Manager (South Asia), Pankaj Wankhede to Deccan Chronicle, “Few other national cricket teams (England, Australia, Sri Lanka) do use them of different brands. It is the most user-friendly and accurate device. The vest is worn under T-shirt and only a bulge is seen at the back,”.

Wankhede confirmed that the Men in Blue were made aware of the device and its intricacies back in December of 2018. He also said that the devices can be used in practice and net sessions. In fact, it can even be implemented during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 games.

Wankhede concluded, “Indian cricketers are the busiest athletes in the world. The game of cricket is very physically demanding. Our system (GPS) will monitor their fitness level, measure hundreds of physical metrics including distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high-speed running, and dynamic stress load. And, this will enable the physio and trainer to assess players’ fitness level and rehabilitation of the injured players,”.